I'm Cia. A 14-year old crazy little girl who has nothing to do with her life, stressed out because of school, who dreams to go to PARIS, FRANCE and participate, or at least watch a Paris Fashion Week. So she decided to have her own blog because.. well basically she doesn't know. Okay, I am an aspiring writer-graphic artist-fashion designer-photographer-couch potato! And my laptop is not the right place where I should keep all the things that I make, I think, or… *Facepalm! Enough said! I just want to show you guys my heart and soul’s true colors. The real me, as they say.  So, feel free to scroll down Dears! xoxo ♥ tumblr hit counter
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I was not satisfied with first one (black and red) so I replaced its colors with pink and gray. Now, looking at bot of them causes me headache. I don’t know which color is better. PLEASE TELL ME! PLEASE REPLY OR WHATEVER!! PLEASEE!!! I NEED YOUR ANSWERS. I’M GETTIN’ PARANOID OVER HERE.

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